James McCaffrey, an actor who provided the voice of Max Payne in the popular video game series and most recently voiced Alex Casey in “Alan Wake 2,” died Sunday after a battle with cancer

He was 65. 

McCaffrey was diagnosed with multiple myeloma

McCaffrey spent more than 30 years acting in movies and television before pursuing a career in voice acting for computer games.

His debut performance was in the Fox police drama "New York Undercover," which took place in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

He played the recurring role of Captain Arthur O’Byrne in Season 3

Then, for a single season in 1994, he appeared in the NBC action series "Viper."

When it was restored a few years later, he made a reappearance for Season 4.

The largest part McCaffrey ever had was in 2004's "Rescue Me" on FX.

He portrayed the role of firefighter James Xavier "Jimmy" Keefe, who passed away on September 11 and was Tommy Gavin's cousin and best friend in Denis Leary's novel.

Video game fans knew McCaffrey’s voice as Max Payne