The Suns' 2-2 result last week was an emotional rollercoaster, and as we deal with the pressures of the Christmas season, I'm not sure we're ready for it.

I wrote a three-part essay last week about each Suns player's stock through the first quarter of the season.

I thought about turning it into a weekly post. It's a good gauge, and the knowledge that I won't cover every player on the squad will make it easier to understand.

This season, he has played exactly zero minutes. Since suffering a meniscus injury during training camp, the player who made 44.5% of his three-point shots has been reliant on crutches.

But, with the recent troubles with the Suns, especially with more injuries at the guard position,

The next concern is how much this club misses the Louisville guard in his eighth season. Probably more than we ought to, is the response.

Yes, the Suns added Theo Maledon yesterday because they are aware of the problem with their guard predicament.

Damion Lee from the first half of the previous season is currently absent. The one who would pinch hit and correctly spell Devin Booker.

The guy who would just microwave from deep instead of putting the ball on the floor and attacking, and whose confidence from beyond the arc was unrivaled.

The bench unit has been inconsistent this season, and if Damion Lee were around, perhaps offensively they’d have enough firepower to allow Booker and Durant extra minutes of rest. Get well soon, Damion.